Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunday July 1, 2012 - Bear Mountain II

The Wheelmen did our second Bear Mountain ride this Sunday. Participating were Isaac, Jayne, CharlieG, JonD, Ori, and Susan (Jayne's friend). Mitchell and Barry were late scratches.
The total was 55miles with 4000 feet of climbing. I thank Charlie for his new Garmin.  The route went north on 9W to Bear Mountain and returned via a 5BBC route through Seven lakes Drive.  A very nice path through mostly parks highlighted the return.

I will post the emails that Jon sent us about his ride.  Jon had said that he knew that he would be dropped by us but still wanted to do the ride and Bear Mountain. Due to the temps close to 100F Jon had to cut his ride short and below is his story in two emails.

Email #1:

Jayne, Issac and Charlie

I wanted to thank you for having me on the ride. I really felt it was an accomplishment getting to and up Bear Mountain.  I found the hill before the entrance to the park the toughest of the day for some reason - maybe because it was unexpected (up that hill and then a a nice downhill into the park). Bear Mountain wasn't too bad it was just a long, long, long grind. And to do this on the first weekend of the tour - OMG. I felt good when I reached the top (and I could tell by the way I just let lose going down the mountain). Charlie then gave me money for water. Even coming up the hill , Charlie came up beside me - he had asked other riders if they had seen a rider with tattoos on his leg - guess they come in handy - at least for ID purposes. Charlie was a gem to ride with.   But I knew something was wrong when I reached the top - I didn't drink enough water - I even had a salty taste in my mouth. When we got to Seven Lakes Drive/Road, I had ridden that road before and knew it was up and down and pain in the neck grind out to 9W/S but it was doable. After I turned left on the traffic circle I hit a wall. I can honestly say in 32 years of riding this had never happened to me. Since high school, I have always liked riding in the heat (even football practice in August) - love the feeling of a sweaty work out. But this was different. It wasn't my legs didn't feel cramps or tightness. A bad headache and stomachnausea (tightness like I had to throw-up). Prior to the circle I tried to eat a bar but couldn't chew it - had to spit it out.  So after the circle, I started walking. I was in a park, to far to get picked up and in a dead cell phone area.  In what seemed like an hour but in reality was only a few minutes I started to try to wave down a car . Previously I saw some riders loading their bikes on a pick-up and entertained the thought of asking for a ride but I was determined to ride. At first I saw a taxi mini-van and waved him down but he couldn't take me as he was picking up a fare. Then I looked for vans or SUV's thinking that only those cars could fit my bike. I have to say not a lot of traffic. Then any car. An old Chevy cavalier passed me by and then did a u-turn. The couple said you don't look good. I asked for a lift out of the park but they said they were going to Nyack and would drive me. The man took off the wheels and my bike believe it r not fit into that damn little cars trunk. He turned on the a/c and kept telling to drink. When we got to Nyack he loaded my bike in my car and told me to sit and not drive.  I tried to give him some money to thank him but he refused. Folks, it was an act of kindness. I sat for a half hour under a tree,  I knew it was heat prostration given the headache and that I felt hot even after I got home and tool a cold shower - all night. I was quite taken by the kindness of the couple.All in all it was a great day.  I climbed the longest climb of my life with some nice riders. Thank you all. 

Please forward this to Charlie as I do not have his e-mail.

Thank you all for a great day - but I will do this ride again and complete it albeit . . . on a cooler day.


Email #2:

Hello al,

This is all in response to your supporative e-mails. But first would some one send me Charlie's e-mail address.

First - thank you all. I suppose this is one of the reasons that we ride together. Second - the ride for me was not a bust. I felt a great deal of satisfaction to be able to complete the ride up to and the climb up Bear Mtn. For Jeff, Ruperts  Mtn in Vermont is a cake walk compared although I believe Vt is a higher elevation - Bear mtn just goes up and up for 4.4 miles (least not forget the hill on 9N before the entrance - it was there that I realized I was way too low on water). But Once I recovered I felt good. Yes and thank you Isaac, I will complete the whole ride before the end of the season. In order to put the 55 mile ride in perspective - it is tougher than the MS Century.

But I look forward to seeing you all out on the road.

With love and graditude,

We will see you back on Bear Mountain Jon and on the North Shore.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where have we been?

Gran Fondo New York.   Isaac, Jayne, BobL, Ori, David, Barry, and some more participated. Some of the above have not been riding with the Wheelmen lately.
I promised Jayne that I would stay with her for the complete ride which ended up being 107 miles for us. This is a ride that we will do again next year.

As a group we also did a very enjoyable Gran Fondo tuneup from Nyack to Bear Mountain two weeks before the Fondo.  This is a ride that we will repeat.  It include JeffB direct from Paris, Isaac, Jayne, Ori, Greg, and Barry.

See you all on Sunday

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Wheel Table, Really

Looking at the design of this it looks like four training wheels for the legs, a seat post quick release to adjust the table height, and a glass over the wheel.   

Cold Sundays

Yes we have had some cold Sundays.  Below 35F and I am not riding, usually.
This Sunday, Christmas Day, it may be moderate but I have to admit that I am preparing for the ING Miami Half Marathon on January 29.  I may be running mostly till then.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday 12/4

I arrived at Wheatley and the south service road just a few minutes before 8:30.

Isaac was already there.
Temperature was about 41 degrees and overcast, but no wind.
About 3/4 minutes later Bob his friend Scott and Harold arrived.
I take one look at both Bob and Scott and decide to ride with Harold!
Good thing I did as Isaac emailed that he stayed with them for about 10 miles and then got dropped!
Harold and I went to the switch back, Campus the short way and home.
39 miles, home by 11:15 (no stop at Syosset Bagel) with temperature at 48 degrees.
Of course by noon, the sun was out and it was 52.
Harold has to work the next two Sundays and is not riding, but weather permitting I plan to be riding.
Hope to see everyone next Sunday.
For the High Council,

Isaac's Post

Jeff had it right. I should have stayed with Jeff and Harold. 

I lost Bob and Scott on Old Country Road by West Hills. I did make contact with them again right before Snake Hill Road only to lose them again in Huntington. I continued to Woodbury Road, Stillwell, the Bumpy, and home by Wheatley.

It was in the upper forties.  The forecast had clear skies but clouds kept things chilly.  I was wearing a windbreaker though and was very hot.  I removed it and after a couple of miles of freezing untill all the sweat evaporated off of my body, I was finally comfortable.  But when I was hot and sweaty my toes were toasty.  Once I took off my windbreaker my toes froze up. I need toe warmers!

Total miles 41.  I only started at Weatley. I overslept.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday 11/27

Well we were SIX: 

JeffB:  Welcome back from Israel.  Jeff had some inspiring stories to tell - and few jokes as well!
Amos:  Grew up and went from one wheel to two wheels and we suspect doubled his fun!
Joe:  Finally got a day off and did the ride!  Great to have him back.
Alan:  Gave up tennis, golf and three other activities and did the entire ride as well - no turning back early!
Harold:  Those spinning classes really show on the road - he attacked every hill!
Instead of going to the corset shop, we went to the white church, the S turns to the wall.  Right up Cleft to West Shore Road, through Oyster Bay and then up Sandy Hill.
Breakfast at the Bagel Shop in Syosset, (JeffB treated!) long way through the Campus and home.
45 miles!
At the start of the ride, it was in the high 30's low 40's but at the end it was already in the 50's.
However, the forecast for this weekend is for once again in the high 30's low 40's at 7:30 AM, partly cloudy, but warming up only to the mid 40's.
Accordingly, the High Council has decided to change the start time: 
We will be starting 30 minutes later:
8 AM at Lakeville and Northern and 8:30 at Wheatley and the Service Road.
See everyone on Sunday.
For the High Council:

Alberto Contador slept here

On day four of the Courage in Motion bike ride we stayed at the Hacienda Hotel in Maalot. A very nice place.
Currently Alberto Contador and Team Saxobank are staying in that very same Hotel. See the link.

They are there to do some riding and charity work.  Much like we did but different.
If you go to this link you can see a video, part in spanish and in hebrew of Contador in Israel.,7340,L-4155111,00.html

There are some great climbs in the north of Israel. I would love to get a real interview of what Contador thought about the riding. Does Contador have twitter feed?