Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Wheel Table, Really

Looking at the design of this it looks like four training wheels for the legs, a seat post quick release to adjust the table height, and a glass over the wheel.   

Cold Sundays

Yes we have had some cold Sundays.  Below 35F and I am not riding, usually.
This Sunday, Christmas Day, it may be moderate but I have to admit that I am preparing for the ING Miami Half Marathon on January 29.  I may be running mostly till then.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday 12/4

I arrived at Wheatley and the south service road just a few minutes before 8:30.

Isaac was already there.
Temperature was about 41 degrees and overcast, but no wind.
About 3/4 minutes later Bob his friend Scott and Harold arrived.
I take one look at both Bob and Scott and decide to ride with Harold!
Good thing I did as Isaac emailed that he stayed with them for about 10 miles and then got dropped!
Harold and I went to the switch back, Campus the short way and home.
39 miles, home by 11:15 (no stop at Syosset Bagel) with temperature at 48 degrees.
Of course by noon, the sun was out and it was 52.
Harold has to work the next two Sundays and is not riding, but weather permitting I plan to be riding.
Hope to see everyone next Sunday.
For the High Council,

Isaac's Post

Jeff had it right. I should have stayed with Jeff and Harold. 

I lost Bob and Scott on Old Country Road by West Hills. I did make contact with them again right before Snake Hill Road only to lose them again in Huntington. I continued to Woodbury Road, Stillwell, the Bumpy, and home by Wheatley.

It was in the upper forties.  The forecast had clear skies but clouds kept things chilly.  I was wearing a windbreaker though and was very hot.  I removed it and after a couple of miles of freezing untill all the sweat evaporated off of my body, I was finally comfortable.  But when I was hot and sweaty my toes were toasty.  Once I took off my windbreaker my toes froze up. I need toe warmers!

Total miles 41.  I only started at Weatley. I overslept.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday 11/27

Well we were SIX: 

JeffB:  Welcome back from Israel.  Jeff had some inspiring stories to tell - and few jokes as well!
Amos:  Grew up and went from one wheel to two wheels and we suspect doubled his fun!
Joe:  Finally got a day off and did the ride!  Great to have him back.
Alan:  Gave up tennis, golf and three other activities and did the entire ride as well - no turning back early!
Harold:  Those spinning classes really show on the road - he attacked every hill!
Instead of going to the corset shop, we went to the white church, the S turns to the wall.  Right up Cleft to West Shore Road, through Oyster Bay and then up Sandy Hill.
Breakfast at the Bagel Shop in Syosset, (JeffB treated!) long way through the Campus and home.
45 miles!
At the start of the ride, it was in the high 30's low 40's but at the end it was already in the 50's.
However, the forecast for this weekend is for once again in the high 30's low 40's at 7:30 AM, partly cloudy, but warming up only to the mid 40's.
Accordingly, the High Council has decided to change the start time: 
We will be starting 30 minutes later:
8 AM at Lakeville and Northern and 8:30 at Wheatley and the Service Road.
See everyone on Sunday.
For the High Council:

Alberto Contador slept here

On day four of the Courage in Motion bike ride we stayed at the Hacienda Hotel in Maalot. A very nice place.
Currently Alberto Contador and Team Saxobank are staying in that very same Hotel. See the link.

They are there to do some riding and charity work.  Much like we did but different.
If you go to this link you can see a video, part in spanish and in hebrew of Contador in Israel.,7340,L-4155111,00.html

There are some great climbs in the north of Israel. I would love to get a real interview of what Contador thought about the riding. Does Contador have twitter feed?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Israel Pic.

I remembered to smile for the camera. I like the way the road curves down and then up in this picture. The custom jerseys that we were given were from an Israeli company called Funkier. Like everything else they are made in China.  These are the best cycling jerseys I have.

Wheelmen where are you?

Arrived at Wheatley and the service road a few minutes before 8.

Paul arrived at about 8:03.
We rode to the Corset shop, then the switchback to the bumpy.
Weather was good and it warmed up nicely.
Total 41 miles and home by 11 AM.
Where were the rest of you guys???????????
Weather for November doesn't get much better than it was today!

Sunday 11/20 - Not with the Wheelmen

I did not think any Wheelmen were riding out of Great Neck today so I rode with Bob and Ori at 8.  We had 4 other riders joining us, Scott, Chris, Gus, and Dave by Wheatley. Some of these are ex-Wheelmen also known as the Renegades. I was  looking for a faster ride also.  Israel has left me with fit legs.

The plan was to take the service road to Commack Road and then to go north and make our way back.  I believe that is what they did.  I had to be back by 11:30 so at Commack Road I just took the service road back.  It was a very strong wind from the west but even without someone to draft behind I was back by 11:30.

54 miles total.  Some very nice rollers along the service road out to Commack. Lonely on the way back. This was a great day for cycling.  Most of us were overdressed. I tried to shed cloths but had no where to put it. Finally I was able to stuff my jacket into my jersey which gave me a pregnant look.

Up next - Thanksgiving morning ride.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday 11/13 Part B

Not knowing if Wheelmen would be riding I joined the ex-Wheelmen, the Renegades, for their ride.  I expected a longer and faster ride  with few stops and that is what I got.
Riding were BobL, Ori, Scott, Isaac, and Gus. We made our way on a standard West Hills, Lawrence Hill, Snake Hill, Stillwell, the switchback for some of us, the bumpy, campus and home.  60 miles or so total.

My legs benefited from the Israel trip as earlier in the year I might not have been able to keep up. There was a strong wind from the west that I partially avoided behind Bob's wheel.

There is no embarrassment in being the recipient of a good pull.

Sunday 11/13 Part A

Good Morning to all of you who slept in!
Harold and I waited until 8:10.  Temperature was 43 degrees and slight wind from the south.
We did Stillwell to the White Church.
Total miles:  41.  Finished at 11 AM at a balmy 52 degrees!
Let me know who is riding next Sunday, weather permitting.

The Cliffs of Dragot

To our right was the Dead Sea. Ahead of us were the cliffs of Dragot.  Imagine climbing these on a bike.  This was the toughest climb of our ride.  The temps were hot and the grade was severe.

This was the view from the top.

The amazing thing about riding in Israel is have deserts to lush wooded roads all in a very small country.
One must remember when holding aloft one's bike, make sure your water bottles are closed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cycling in Israel for disabled Israeli veterans

It was not about the ride.  It was what we accomplished by having the ride.

The Courage in Motion bike ride through Israel does something that most charity rides do not do.  It puts the recipients of the charity on the road. The funds that are raised by the CIM ride helps support cycling as one of the rehabilitation activities that are offered by Beit Halochem, the rehab organization for disabled vets in Israel. We can see the results of our fundraising.  I have spoken to and have heard the stories of the disabled vets that are riding with us. The existence of this ride motivates them to train to be able to participate with us. I have also been told that cycling was helped bring some of these vets out of there post traumatic disorders.

At some point you need to stop and think of what it is about cycling that is so appealing. The camaraderie of the group, the sense of accomplishment, the physical challenge, and the beauty of the surroundings are what do it for me. It is no surprise to me that those things could be used to rehabilitate.  That is what we promote with this ride.

How true!

For all the married male cyclists....this is for you

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday 10/23

Cold weather may have been to blame. Early morning temps were 47F. Only Isaac, Harold, and JeffK set off from Wheatley. Harold and JeffK bailed at Stillwell.  I joined a group on route 108. We were doing a steady 26MPH. That was fun. Later I when I returned to 108 and did not have the group to draft behind it was not as much fun or fast.
Total 60 miles.
Next post from Israel?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday 10/16

Jayne, Joe, Isaac, Amos, Harold, and Alan took left Wheatley on a novel route that was made to avoid the Oyster Bay Festival.  The ride included the Horseshoe, Mill Hill and for Isaac and Jayne a trip through Roslyn and Port Washington.  Not to be missed was Beacon Hill.

Total mileage 45. Disappointing.

This week will be my last ride before the  bike trip to support Disabled Israeli Veterans.
Please check out the site.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor day weekend, Sunday and Monday rides

A nice group of Wheelmen and Wheel-lady rode this past Labor day Sunday.  We had JeffB, Jayne, Isaac, JeffK, Joe, Amos, and Herb at the Wheatley gathering point.  JeffB, Jayne, and Isaac went long while the others went short.
I was able to convince the high council that we should embark on a ride to West Hills followed by a climb of Lawrence Hill before we when to Snake Hill.  I feel that why go to Snake Hill the easy way.
We continued through Huntington Harbor then up Woodbury Road to the deli. Switchback, Bumpy(new paved - smooth), campus and home for a 58 mile ride.

As for Monday
The only other rider I could find was Ori. Usually he rides with the Renegades but we were both left without compatriots.
We started at Ori's house and took a great route that stayed on the north of Northern Blvd through Port Washington and the Sands Point.  Shortly after Sands Point  Ori broke a shifter cable.  I commend him on riding back to his house to swap bikes in his small chainring and 12 cog the whole way. He only had to walk up one hill in Great Neck.
After the swap Ori suggested a service road ride to Woodbury road and back. I was game. We met a cyclist who had an Ironman MDot tattoo on her leg. A very strong rider. She was a little down on the fact that she had been impulsive when she got the tattoo and somewhat regretted it.  I told her it was cute and she should be proud of it. Imagine me flirting?

Total about 50 miles.  

What happened to August?

The consensus among the Wheelmen was that August was a literal washout. Three Sundays were rainy and one Sunday I was off doing a one mile swim race so I don't even know what went on.
On to September.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gold Coast ride 7/17

Jayne, Isaac, CharlieG, Charlie's wife, and Steve (Charlie's Friend) did the Gold Coast ride starting in Huntington. A very nice but warm day for 72 miles through the north shore.  Seems like a good ride  for the Wheelmen.

I heard that some NSW's did the regular ride from Great Neck. I do not have that info.

I need to publicly thank a wrench from Bicycle Planet who on the Gold Coast ride rest stop tuned up my derailleur.  I thought the noise I was getting was from my chain needing some lube. He ended up adjusting my derailleur then removing it and straightening out my derailleur hanger which was somewhat bent.  What a difference and all in a few minutes during a rest stop on the ride and he would not take the few dollars I offered him as a tip.  It was worth the price of the ride and then some.
Also thanks to Jayne for slowing down to stay with me when my legs cramped up due to dehydration. The time to make sure you are well hydrated is the day before you ride.
At about the 30 mile point my quads started tightening up on me. I started the day feeling a bit dry but figured that would resolve itself as I drank during the ride.  That did not happen.  It got worse. On a steep climb in Sea Cliff both my quads and my hamstrings seized up. I had to get off the bike for them to relax.
At the next rest stop I extra hydrated and Charlie gave me some mystery pills that were suppose to help. My legs did eventually improve but I was then riding very carefully.

Including some wrong turns we rode 75 miles. 


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday 7/10

The long group did about 52 miles.

We had a nice crowd at Wheatley. David S was there with a friend and split off to West Hills and Huntington. We did standard Bayville then on to Moore's Hill Rd, Woodbury Deli, Bumpy , and home. Jeff K, Herb and Alan did Sandy Hill and waited for us at the Syosset Bagel then did Wheatley home. Alan was riding his very nice new Specialized Roubaix. 
For the first time this season, John D was there and took his own route to meet us at the deli and took an easy route back. I rode with Jeff Blye, Charlie G, and Harold who has been in decent shape. I think Harold went home by Wheatley. Joe and Amos were also there.
I went faster than the group and then waited at the usual places. We caught up with part of a triangle group by Glen Cove Rd and went fast on the way home.  Some of the group is thinking about the Gold Coast ride next week.
That's the recap.

We did ride the last two Sundays. Last week we had a very wet ride.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

6/19 Father's day ride

Harold, JeffK, Joe, Paul, Paul's son, Arthur, Alan, Amos, Isaac, and Jayne participated in the NSW Father's day extravaganza. The group split into short riders and long.  Long was Snake Hill Rd to the Woodbury Deli. After a peanut butter and scrambled eggs sandwich we headed off to Stillwell, the bumpy, campus and home.

This was a perfect day with clear blue skies and temps that started in the 70's. Today's motto was on Harold's jersey,"Team Martini, A Drinking Team with a Cycling Problem." I just love that.

Same time next week.

Mansion ride pics

Not 62 miles as the crow flies

Monday, June 13, 2011

NSW Sunday 6/12 part 2

Mansion Ride Recap

JeffB, Isaac, CharlieG, and  Steve(Charlie's friend) did the 100K, Alan, and Alan's friend participated in the 35m. Also participating on a different level was  #44. None of our group became #45. You will have to ask one of us to explain this.

The air was a bit chilly for June but it kept things comfortable untill you stopped for a mansion and had to warm up again. This was a nice route with a variety of hills and pretty views. I did not understand the deoderant give away at the first stop. The food along the way though was interesting. I enjoyed the salmon pasta at the finish.
Pictures to follow.

NSW Sunday 6/12 part 1

Arrived at Wheatley and south service road at about 7:28. Waited until about 7:45 - but nobody showed up!
Did Stillwell to the bumpy.
41 miles and home by 10:15.
Next Sunday: Next Sunday is Father's Day, but it is still:
7 AM Northern and Lakeville and 7:30 AM Wheatley and south service road.

Mansion ride: Saw riders out and hope JeffB, Isaac, Charlie and Alan enjoyed the ride.
For the High Council:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/5 Big Group


The last time we had this many riders, it was 23 years ago!  (or at Herb's last great party!)
Present and accounted for were:  Jeff B, Paul, Amos, Alan, Joe, Charlie, Andy, John,  Jane, Harold, Isaac, Jeff K and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, Steve!
13 NSW in all.
Everyone was present at 7:30 at Wheatley and the south service road.  (Thanks for being on time)
After virtually no discussion (John was not there - we really we miss him and hope to see him soon - knee permitting) we decided to go out the service road to Round Swamp, to Old Country Road to Sweet Hollow Road through West Hills County Park.
Harold mentioned that it all seemed all uphill and I think he was correct!
At the top of Sweet Hollow Road we made a left onto Chichester Road.  This road was an up and down.  We were passed several times - this is when John left us!  (He had to get back at Sands Point Golf Club for work by 11 AM!)
At the end of Chichester we made a right onto Hartmann Hill Road to Jericho Turnpike.  Across Jericho to Cold Spring Hills Road to Woodbury to the Deli.
Then the switchback to the bumpy to the campus the long way.
Total 48 miles and home by 11 AM!
Perfect temperature, we rode as a group - GREAT RIDE!
Next Sunday:
Jeff B, Charlie and Alan are doing the Mansion Ride for Autism.  Those who are going should plan to meet at the Syosset train station by 7 AM.  The ride starts at 7:45 AM and if you are planning on doing the metric century you want to start as early as possible.
Let the group know if you are doing the mansion ride so that we do not wait for you at Wheatley!
Those of you that are not doing the mansion ride, regular starting:  7 AM at Lakeville and Northern, 7:30 AM at Wheatley and the service road.
Again it is OK to be 5 minutes early.
See everyone next Sunday.
For the High Council:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

5/29/11 Wheelmen ride again

We were a Peloton today!

Isaac, Harold, Amos, Jeff, Jane and myself.
We were also joined by Big and Little Paul.  But, Big Paul said to continue without them.
As planned the fastest slowed down a bit and the weakest picked up the pace and we rode as a group!
Out to Woodbury Road, then up Stillwell, right on Laurel Lane into Syosset.  After a short break at the Syosset Deli the bumpy to the Campus the long way.
43 miles and back home before 11 AM.
What a great ride and we beat the heat!
NEXT SUNDAY:  NEW STARTING TIME - 30 minutes earlier:  7 AM Lakeville and Northern;  7:30 Weatley and the service road.
Remember it is OK to be 5 minutes early.
As reported by JeffK

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Raining this Sunday

I will be riding indoors today. Then for the next two Sundays I will be of town.

I have been following the case of Maxim Vickers, a cyclist would was killed on the service road in Old Westbury.  He could have been anyone of us.  But I will note that he seems not to have been wearing a helmet.

I would read a bunch of the comments and then scroll to the last few comments of you get tired.  When we have congressmen like Anthony Weiner cursing about bike lanes in the New York Times it is not hard to understand why cyclist are not given the proper consideration on the road. If drivers knew that bikes have the same rights as car on roads our safety would be improved.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Should Be Here!

Well, at least I am talking about cycling outdoors.
Today would have been a great first day. I would have ridden with the Triangle guys. Usually the Wheelmen do not start until we hit 50F.
There were no Renegades out there either as far as I know.

My latest indoor cycling videos are the "Sufferfest" videos.  These are downloadable from their website. Well worth it.

Prepare for next Sunday.