Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gold Coast ride 7/17

Jayne, Isaac, CharlieG, Charlie's wife, and Steve (Charlie's Friend) did the Gold Coast ride starting in Huntington. A very nice but warm day for 72 miles through the north shore.  Seems like a good ride  for the Wheelmen.

I heard that some NSW's did the regular ride from Great Neck. I do not have that info.

I need to publicly thank a wrench from Bicycle Planet who on the Gold Coast ride rest stop tuned up my derailleur.  I thought the noise I was getting was from my chain needing some lube. He ended up adjusting my derailleur then removing it and straightening out my derailleur hanger which was somewhat bent.  What a difference and all in a few minutes during a rest stop on the ride and he would not take the few dollars I offered him as a tip.  It was worth the price of the ride and then some.
Also thanks to Jayne for slowing down to stay with me when my legs cramped up due to dehydration. The time to make sure you are well hydrated is the day before you ride.
At about the 30 mile point my quads started tightening up on me. I started the day feeling a bit dry but figured that would resolve itself as I drank during the ride.  That did not happen.  It got worse. On a steep climb in Sea Cliff both my quads and my hamstrings seized up. I had to get off the bike for them to relax.
At the next rest stop I extra hydrated and Charlie gave me some mystery pills that were suppose to help. My legs did eventually improve but I was then riding very carefully.

Including some wrong turns we rode 75 miles. 


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday 7/10

The long group did about 52 miles.

We had a nice crowd at Wheatley. David S was there with a friend and split off to West Hills and Huntington. We did standard Bayville then on to Moore's Hill Rd, Woodbury Deli, Bumpy , and home. Jeff K, Herb and Alan did Sandy Hill and waited for us at the Syosset Bagel then did Wheatley home. Alan was riding his very nice new Specialized Roubaix. 
For the first time this season, John D was there and took his own route to meet us at the deli and took an easy route back. I rode with Jeff Blye, Charlie G, and Harold who has been in decent shape. I think Harold went home by Wheatley. Joe and Amos were also there.
I went faster than the group and then waited at the usual places. We caught up with part of a triangle group by Glen Cove Rd and went fast on the way home.  Some of the group is thinking about the Gold Coast ride next week.
That's the recap.

We did ride the last two Sundays. Last week we had a very wet ride.