Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/16 - The ones who stayed home.

Some of us were not able to do the Hamptons Ride.

Amos, CharlieG, Joe, Isaac, and Jon with a cameo appearance by Alan and one other person who i keep forgetting his name, enjoyed a very nice day of riding.

Joe picked the route in the absence of any high council members. We went to Roslyn, Sea Cliff, Glen Cove Bayville, Oyster Bay, Sandy Hill, Syosset, the bumpy, Campus and home.
We lost a few along the way.
Of note was the lack of extended stops. I was back in GN by about 11.

Word from the Renegades was that they had a good Hamptons ride with Bob leading the pace. No surprise.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday 5/2

JeffB, MattB, Amos, Joe, Scott, Steve, John, Isaac and I think two more riders left Great Neck. We met up with Alan and another guy at Wheatly.  I need to take notes next time there are so many Wheelmen.
Scott and Steve are friends of Jeff from the Alyn ride. They were a welcome addition.

The route was Snake Hill to Woodbury Deli to the swithback, Bumpy, white church, and home. Harold met up with us after white church.

This week Food Channel will have a special on  peanut butter and bacon on a bagel.

Total distance 47 miles.

The Renegades did a 76 mile ride and started at 8am.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Council Alert - New Start Time

With warm weather here for now the start time has moved to 7AM.
The Renegade start time is available via email. Consult with Ori. Be sure to provide the secret password and details of your recent tour victories. 

I am back to cycling again after a long hiatus due to the 5Towns 5K.
To see pics from the 5Towns 5k: