Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday 9/27 - Rainout

I do not believe that anyone rode today.  I can not recall the last time we had a rainout.  It has been a really good stretch of Sundays.
Yesterday was a glorious day and  I here through the grapevine that some of us did a Hamptons ride. Look for a post from Ori.
As for me, Israel training continues.  I am off to do some indoor work on the trainer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paracycling Worlds

These para cyclists rode with me last year in Israel. They participated in this event. I hope to ride again with them this year when I do the "Courage in Motion " Ride,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunday 9/13

The weather cooperated. The "A" group was BobL, Ori, Barry, Isaac and JeffB! Yes JeffB made the jump into the "A's". Well actually Isaac and JeffB were like the "B+" group. The route was the sunnyside extension, snake hill, the switchback, and campus. BobL, Ori, and Barry added a loop before the Woodbury Deli.

JeffK, Harold, Amos, Joe and others made up the "B's".

Next week - the beginning of cooler weather.

Friday, September 11, 2009

NSW Blog vs Bicycling Magazine!

As most of you know on August 23 the NSW had an incident with the Old Westbury Police. As is my obsession, I made a lengthy post about it with links to state sites that had laws and info on cycling.

In Bicycling Magazine there is a column called "Road Rights" that is authored by Bob Moinske having to do with bicycle law etc. I felt I had made a useful post and thought it would be of interest to him and cyclists in general. I emailed a link to this post to (on 8/25) and wrote in my email that it might be of interest to Bob Moinske. I heard no reply.

Today I opened my new issue of Bicycling and turned to the Road Rights column. Does this have any similarity to my post?

Maybe it is just a coincidence. Do I smell paraphrasing? Can it just be my ego? I am going to make a couple of calls in the morning and maybe send off a letter to the editor.

Monday, September 7, 2009

NSW Extra

A special Labor Day ride left Great Neck with BobL, Greg, Barry, Larry, Isaac, and newbie MitchL.

To see the ride info go to this ride link. Kudos to Larry and Garmin for the ride tech.

Isaac stayed with the group through Snake Hill then I got lost. When I did rejoin the group in Huntington my legs were just not there. I must have left them in Long Beach. My ride took me to Syosset Bagel via the switchback and then home by way of the campus.

Word has it Ori had a flat and missed the start of the ride. He crossed paths with the group near Bayville.

Total mileage:
The "A" Group 57.75 miles
The Isaac Group 54 miles (slower)

North Shore Swim-men?

JeffK and Isaac missed the Sunday ride.
JeffK and Isaac did not miss the the Long Beach one mile open ocean swim. Cool morning temps and warm morning water made for a pleasant swim.
For reasons I still do not really understand I was in the top three in my age group. I was given a small glass mug. I do not know how they came to the conclusion that I was in the top three of my age group but the mug was cute. I hope they do not want it back. JeffK said I should not ask too many questions.