Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday 12/5

Sunday's ride:

Do not call people winter weenies and then not show up to ride. At least Beast did ride Saturday, only half a weenie. Being tired only works if you are pregnant.

Bob and Isaac did the West Hills to Moore's, Sandy, 7/11, campus then base. Temps were a balmy 32F at the start rising up to a steamy 37F.  For the farenheit impaired, zero C.
I faded on some of the steeper hills and then after the campus. No fading for the Locomotive. Even with the wind it did not feel as cold as the temperature would make you think.

Totals for today: 52 miles.

You do not need to be too brave to ride in these temps. Email if you will be riding so we do not leave without you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24 update

I was at Wheatley at 8:25.  Waiting for me was Alan and Harold.
Joe arrived at about 8:30.
The four of us waited until about 8:40.  We watched the Triangle group go by.  When no else showed up we took off.
Joe turned back early; Harold went on the Snake Hill;  Alan and I did Stillwell and back.
Personally, my chain was skipping and then jumped off at the top of Stillwell - similar to what happened to Andy Schleck albeit not as steep!
Bike is now with Bob.  Rear Derailleur is mangled and the right rear drop out is bent.
Guess that happened when I nearly fell when the chain jumped off.
Hope to have the bike back end of this week to ride next Sunday.

Sunday 10/24 What happened to all the summer blogging?

With no Wheelmen or Wheelwomen in sight at 8AM , I took off to catch the triangle express. I passed Wheatly just before 8:30 but was rushed for time and did not stop. I turned around at Woodbury rd for a quick 28 mile ride. The triangle guys did not catch me untill Woodbury Rd.

8:00am again next week.  Isaac

Oh, I was lazy about blogging.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunday July 4, Monday July 5.

With most Wheelmen away I joined the Renegades for their rides on the 4th and 5th.  Ori has a great route that runs from his house east staying north rather than riding to the service road.  The route eventually end up at Bar Beach by way of Beacon Hill. Then it is off the Sea Cliff, Glen Cove etc.

Riding with the Renegades has them waiting for me to catch up rather than a NSW ride where I wait for others to catch up.  I was finaly dropped in Sea Cliff when I made a wrong turn. Then I had a flat. I did rejoin the Renegades on may way home on the service road.

July 5 - a flat before Snake Hill.  Then I let them go on without me.

My goal this season is to be at the Renegade level by the time I go to Israel.

Totals for two days - 111 miles, trashed legs, two flats.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday 6/29 Hot and Humid

JeffB, JohnD, Amos, Joe, JeffK, Paul, Isaac, and someone else that I forgot his name had a hot and humid ride.
Herb started but could not stay as he had a bad headache.

Standard Bayville with Moore's Hill Road preceded a stop at the Woodbury Deli.  The Bumpy and home via the campus.

Of note was the quick pace.

Total distance about 55miles.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yes, We Are Still Riding.

Just because there have not been recent post does not mean that there has been no riding.
The Renegades have been out there even with BobL and Barry away in Colorado climbing the big passes.

Congrats to DavidS on winning a trophy coming in 2nd in his age group in the Gold Coast Duathlon. Isaac was there to support David by doing the triathlon. I believe I was 19th in my age group. I am currently looking for a race that gives awards 20 places deep.

Sunday 7AM for the Wheelmen. Renegades start time will be decided on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/16 - The ones who stayed home.

Some of us were not able to do the Hamptons Ride.

Amos, CharlieG, Joe, Isaac, and Jon with a cameo appearance by Alan and one other person who i keep forgetting his name, enjoyed a very nice day of riding.

Joe picked the route in the absence of any high council members. We went to Roslyn, Sea Cliff, Glen Cove Bayville, Oyster Bay, Sandy Hill, Syosset, the bumpy, Campus and home.
We lost a few along the way.
Of note was the lack of extended stops. I was back in GN by about 11.

Word from the Renegades was that they had a good Hamptons ride with Bob leading the pace. No surprise.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday 5/2

JeffB, MattB, Amos, Joe, Scott, Steve, John, Isaac and I think two more riders left Great Neck. We met up with Alan and another guy at Wheatly.  I need to take notes next time there are so many Wheelmen.
Scott and Steve are friends of Jeff from the Alyn ride. They were a welcome addition.

The route was Snake Hill to Woodbury Deli to the swithback, Bumpy, white church, and home. Harold met up with us after white church.

This week Food Channel will have a special on  peanut butter and bacon on a bagel.

Total distance 47 miles.

The Renegades did a 76 mile ride and started at 8am.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Council Alert - New Start Time

With warm weather here for now the start time has moved to 7AM.
The Renegade start time is available via email. Consult with Ori. Be sure to provide the secret password and details of your recent tour victories. 

I am back to cycling again after a long hiatus due to the 5Towns 5K.
To see pics from the 5Towns 5k:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today's Ride - 3/9/10

This week on "What Not To Wear"... Look! It's Barry. He's back.

Seriously, though, we had a wonderful ride. We started from my house, Barry, Arthur and myself. We did 45 not-so-slow miles.

And no motorist gave us any real hard time... OK, I'll get over it... some day...


Sunday 3/7

This was a great day. DavidW, DavidS, Larry Ori, BobL,  and Isaac.  I went short and slow. The rest went longer and faster.

I found a link that sort of describes today's ride.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black Magic

Very informative article in this month's issue of Mountain Bike. It really helps understand carbon composites and how they apply to bike frames.,6802,s1-6-12-21967-1,00.html

Also, follow the slide show on the making of a Giant frame and the "Related" links in the following page.,8155,s1-2-261-0,00.html


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three is a Crowd

I was a nice day. It started in the high thirties, climbing into the forties. I felt overdressed for most of the ride.
Isaac and Ori met up at Ori's house. An atypical start location and time. Always check your emails.

We met up with DavidS at Wheatley. Definitely a crowd for January.

I went short after the Sunnyside extension. Stillwell, Bumpy, White Church.
Ori and David did Snake Hill after Sunnyside.

About 55 miles for Ori and David.  Isaac did about 45.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some of us need this more than others

I should be doing more training indoors this winter. Maybe it is lack of motivation or too much effort being spent on the 5 Towns 5K.

But when you spend time in a basement on your bike your mind tends to wander and in those monotonous moments pure inspiration flows.
This is only a prototype

The carbon fiber boys are currently hard at work. Did you know Shimano makes flush valves?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/9/10 - Much Better Conditions

Lucked out with the weather today, with warmer temps, low winds and plenty of sun. Rode 69 miles at a decent pace. I'm getting a head start on my training because I can, and because I know I'm going to get my butt kicked by some of you later on in the season anyway. At least I might still have a slight advantage early on.

I'm glad to report that the cheapo Forté shifters I installed on the Schwinn perform their basic function well enough, even though they're not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, at $140 vs. $400 they seem to be a good value, as long as they last. Under normal circumstances I would have invested in Ultegras, but things are different right now.

Conditions permitting, I'm planning to ride this weekend. I'll still be in town until Monday morning. Let me know if you want to join.

2/7/10 - Still Riding Alone

You guys missed a fine day for a ride. The temp actually got as high as 35 in the PM and the sun felt good. Rode 57 miles. Hills: only Snake and Moore's. It was getting late and I wanted to finish before dark. I even skipped the 7-11 break. Perhaps that's why I was feeling pooped during the last 10 miles. It was tough at times due to the headwinds. I could have used some paceline cover.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bike and Cruise

I did not ride at all during my vacation to the sunny and warm British Virgin Islands. I had hoped to rent some bikes with my family in a little known island named Anegada, but instead we rented a cute little car from China and motored around for a day to a couple of beaches, a bakery, and an iguana reserve.

But if you should want to make a trip to the Caribbean or even Alaska and want to combine it with riding, check out .

I met someone involved with this in Roadtown, Tortola.  He was on a cruise ship that partners with Bike and Cruise and included cycling at many of their ports of call.  They provide the bikes, sag wagon, etc. The cruise line tries to keep your wife occupied while you cycle.

I liked the Alaska itinerary.  

Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/31 Colder Than Freezing

Bob had to bail because he wasn't feeling good. So I had no choice but to brave the freezing headwinds myself, without the benefit of my favorite riding aid: Locomotive Bob. I waited until after 1:30 to leave, just to get the benefit of that additional half degree of rise in temperature. I can't say I could tell the difference. I believe it was about 27° when I started (it takes my computer a while to adjust between the temperature inside my garage to that outside). It "peaked" at 30° about halfway through the ride.

I didn't want to spend that much time on the LIE, so I turned onto Wheatley, did my usual run through Locust Valley, Horseshoe Road, Oyster Bay, onto Moores Hill Road. At Beefalo I took a shortcut straight back to Syosset's 7-11 for my usual break treat. At that point I'd done 31 miles. After my fingers were fully recovered I finished the usual way via white church (no campus), to Wheatley and back home before sun down. Total distance: 47 miles. Average: a poky 16.3 mph.

It was tough heading out. Had to stop once to let my fingers thaw, just 10 miles in, when it got to be too painful to bear. After the 7-11 break, for some reason, I didn't experience the frozen fingers issue any more, even though the temperature was holding steady at 29°, perhaps thanks to the ultra-caffeinated hot chocolate. My toes were frozen for most of the ride, but it was bearable.

With age, apparently, comes decreased blood circulation in my extremities. Gotta get better gloves and socks.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17 Warmer Than Freezing

Another excellent, not freezing day in January. Morning temps were about 34F. They rose to about 39F by the time we got home.

This morning Ori, BobL, and Isaac dressed warmly.  We started at 8am but we came to an early stop to watch Ori expertly change a punctured rear tire.

Yes Barry, you could have met us. Even if you woke up late. You know there is always Wheatley. At least you benefited from extra beauty sleep. You will have to send us a picture.

There were other riders out today. I do not recall ever seeing so many riders riding the wrong way on the service road. I do not know what that was all about.
The route.
Sunnyside extension, Stillwell, 7/11, hot chocolate, the Bumpy, Campus and home.
Isaac was a Renegade for most of the ride.

We did not find any hail storms after the campus loop.  I should know better than to get weather reports from female runners that just happen to be running by. I think she was blond.

Total miles about 45.  It just started to rain when I got back to North Woodmere.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Riding: Why The Heck Not?

I've been wondering why most people, riders and non-riders alike, seem so shocked to learn that some of us still ride through the winter months. Questions like "isn't it too cold?" or "do you first warm up?" usually come up. Apparently, the main (or only) factor that keeps most riders off the roads or trails during the winter months is the outdoor temperature. But, when you stop to think about it, it's really not that big a deal.

I'll admit, riding in the cold is not as pleasant as in the warm weather, and you have to dress just right or risk being too cold and hating it, or too warm and hating it, perhaps a little less. And if you're so terrified of feeling cold that you end up dressing way too warm and find yourself sweating profusely, you better not stop for too long because as soon as you pick up some speed all that moisture, with the cold air blowing through it, will feel really cold real quick.

But think about that very popular winter activity: skiing. Alpine skiing, as opposed to the less popular cross-country skiing, if you want to get technical. Snow boarding, thanks to the X-gen crowd, is quickly reaching the same level of popularity as classic Alpine. As far as I can tell, without actually studying any statistics, skiing is hugely popular, even here in the US. Much more so than cycling. Just look at the ski lift lines at any ski park or resort.

My main point here is that skiing/snowboarding typically take place in cold temperatures, with the ground covered in snow and ice. Many people will even go out and hit the slopes while the snow is still falling. After all, if you're on vacation at some ski resort, you've plunked a lot of cash just to be there for a weekend or longer. Perhaps you've rented equipment for your stay. A little nip in the air is not going to keep you tucked indoors.

So what do you do? You dress appropriately and you get out there (duh). And have fun. Cold weather be damned!

Guess what: there are excellent winter riding clothes and accessories made specifically for cycling as well. Sure, you'll be carrying a little more weight (ask Barry, he knows exactly how much more weight), and your freedom of movement won't be quite as extensive as when you're only wearing a single layer of lightweight lycra. But isn't being out there doing what you love so much better than the alternative?

And you don't have to pay a dime for a lift pass, either.

So, what's your excuse?