Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday 10/23

Cold weather may have been to blame. Early morning temps were 47F. Only Isaac, Harold, and JeffK set off from Wheatley. Harold and JeffK bailed at Stillwell.  I joined a group on route 108. We were doing a steady 26MPH. That was fun. Later I when I returned to 108 and did not have the group to draft behind it was not as much fun or fast.
Total 60 miles.
Next post from Israel?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday 10/16

Jayne, Joe, Isaac, Amos, Harold, and Alan took left Wheatley on a novel route that was made to avoid the Oyster Bay Festival.  The ride included the Horseshoe, Mill Hill and for Isaac and Jayne a trip through Roslyn and Port Washington.  Not to be missed was Beacon Hill.

Total mileage 45. Disappointing.

This week will be my last ride before the  bike trip to support Disabled Israeli Veterans.
Please check out the site.