Sunday, June 19, 2011

6/19 Father's day ride

Harold, JeffK, Joe, Paul, Paul's son, Arthur, Alan, Amos, Isaac, and Jayne participated in the NSW Father's day extravaganza. The group split into short riders and long.  Long was Snake Hill Rd to the Woodbury Deli. After a peanut butter and scrambled eggs sandwich we headed off to Stillwell, the bumpy, campus and home.

This was a perfect day with clear blue skies and temps that started in the 70's. Today's motto was on Harold's jersey,"Team Martini, A Drinking Team with a Cycling Problem." I just love that.

Same time next week.

Mansion ride pics

Not 62 miles as the crow flies

Monday, June 13, 2011

NSW Sunday 6/12 part 2

Mansion Ride Recap

JeffB, Isaac, CharlieG, and  Steve(Charlie's friend) did the 100K, Alan, and Alan's friend participated in the 35m. Also participating on a different level was  #44. None of our group became #45. You will have to ask one of us to explain this.

The air was a bit chilly for June but it kept things comfortable untill you stopped for a mansion and had to warm up again. This was a nice route with a variety of hills and pretty views. I did not understand the deoderant give away at the first stop. The food along the way though was interesting. I enjoyed the salmon pasta at the finish.
Pictures to follow.

NSW Sunday 6/12 part 1

Arrived at Wheatley and south service road at about 7:28. Waited until about 7:45 - but nobody showed up!
Did Stillwell to the bumpy.
41 miles and home by 10:15.
Next Sunday: Next Sunday is Father's Day, but it is still:
7 AM Northern and Lakeville and 7:30 AM Wheatley and south service road.

Mansion ride: Saw riders out and hope JeffB, Isaac, Charlie and Alan enjoyed the ride.
For the High Council:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/5 Big Group


The last time we had this many riders, it was 23 years ago!  (or at Herb's last great party!)
Present and accounted for were:  Jeff B, Paul, Amos, Alan, Joe, Charlie, Andy, John,  Jane, Harold, Isaac, Jeff K and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, Steve!
13 NSW in all.
Everyone was present at 7:30 at Wheatley and the south service road.  (Thanks for being on time)
After virtually no discussion (John was not there - we really we miss him and hope to see him soon - knee permitting) we decided to go out the service road to Round Swamp, to Old Country Road to Sweet Hollow Road through West Hills County Park.
Harold mentioned that it all seemed all uphill and I think he was correct!
At the top of Sweet Hollow Road we made a left onto Chichester Road.  This road was an up and down.  We were passed several times - this is when John left us!  (He had to get back at Sands Point Golf Club for work by 11 AM!)
At the end of Chichester we made a right onto Hartmann Hill Road to Jericho Turnpike.  Across Jericho to Cold Spring Hills Road to Woodbury to the Deli.
Then the switchback to the bumpy to the campus the long way.
Total 48 miles and home by 11 AM!
Perfect temperature, we rode as a group - GREAT RIDE!
Next Sunday:
Jeff B, Charlie and Alan are doing the Mansion Ride for Autism.  Those who are going should plan to meet at the Syosset train station by 7 AM.  The ride starts at 7:45 AM and if you are planning on doing the metric century you want to start as early as possible.
Let the group know if you are doing the mansion ride so that we do not wait for you at Wheatley!
Those of you that are not doing the mansion ride, regular starting:  7 AM at Lakeville and Northern, 7:30 AM at Wheatley and the service road.
Again it is OK to be 5 minutes early.
See everyone next Sunday.
For the High Council: