Friday, December 25, 2009

The Five Towns 5K Run

This does not have to do with cycling.  By the way the renegades rode today, Ori,  Arthur, Isaac and one other guy.  Hmm, oh yeah, it was BobL. It was not as cold as some NSW might have thought. 50 miles.

But I am race director for The Five Towns 5K Run/Walk to be run on April 18, 2010. This is in support of Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans.

Info at

Thursday, December 24, 2009

X-Mas Eve Road Conditions

Temps were conducive enough to riding today. Left home before 9:30, in the high 20s/low 30s. By the time I got back my thermometer read 41°.

Although the roads are mostly clear, there are still many patches along the LIE where some snow got pushed onto the driving lane, either by traffic merging from the right, or other less obvious reasons. Be very careful and always look ahead. Many times it's hard to tell what's up ahead. Sometimes it's snow or slush, but other times it's patches of salt on dry road.

I didn't want to run into this stuff on twisty single lane roads, so I just rode the LIE's service road until I hit 25 miles (by exit 53) and turned around. It wasn't scenic, or all that exciting, but it was relatively safe.

Strong breezes from the north/northeast made it tough going out but a little easier coming back (one more reason not to turn north from the LIE). In any case, due primarily to my rib issue, I couldn't really push myself all that much. My average at the end of 50 miles was a pathetic 15.4.

Only saw two other riders on the way out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Renegade's Email Peloton

Anyone interested?


I won't be flying anywhere for a ride, as long as I'm out of work. But for those who will, and are planning to bring your bikes along on the same plane, here's a primer on flying with your gear.


When I travel with my bike, I would always ship it ahead.  Door to door, no airport hassles.  Cost to ship to FL was about $40 each way & took 3 days.


Same here. 

My experience is not so great.  $150 each way to Colorado fedex ground and it took at least a week

The key is the size.  The travel case or bike box being + or - 1 inch makes all the difference.  The boxes from eg. Performance and Thule are 1 inch over the Fedex/UPS limit and make it an 'oversized' shipment - thus the $150 charge each way.   The 'Iron Case' for example is 1 inch under the limit and ships for less than half that amount.  


Wow.  Size matters.

I clearly did not think through the many uses of the word 'size'.  Please don't hold it against me - the word usage, that is.    

I am OK with paying more because mine is too big.


The size of your equipment isn't as important as how well you use it.

OK. So now you all know.


No wonder no one else wants to be on our mailing list. 

I was always socially inept.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pre winter musing

As the weather gets cold and nasty, I think of when it was hot out.  If you think hard, you will remember a time this summer when the temps were hot and the riding was good.

Bring on the cold.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BobL's Sunday 12/6 recap

Posted w/o Bob's permission

Most excellent ride today, albeit first winter ride.  65 miles in sunny
brisk dry weather.  Greg, Arthur, Ori and I started at Lakeville and
Northern, Dave joined us at Wheatley.  To avoid wet roads and possible ice,
we stayed with the regular Huntington Harbor ride plus Oyster Bay up Sandy
Hill stopping at the Syosset 7 11.  Hope we get a good winter group going;
it's worth fighting the inertia and initial chill, really.


Are You Ready For The Sub 8.5 Lbs. Bike?

Check out this 3,784 grams prototype not-for-market study bike from Canyon.

I wonder, though, just how well it can handle actual road conditions... or heavier riders, before falling apart.