Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday 12/5

Sunday's ride:

Do not call people winter weenies and then not show up to ride. At least Beast did ride Saturday, only half a weenie. Being tired only works if you are pregnant.

Bob and Isaac did the West Hills to Moore's, Sandy, 7/11, campus then base. Temps were a balmy 32F at the start rising up to a steamy 37F.  For the farenheit impaired, zero C.
I faded on some of the steeper hills and then after the campus. No fading for the Locomotive. Even with the wind it did not feel as cold as the temperature would make you think.

Totals for today: 52 miles.

You do not need to be too brave to ride in these temps. Email if you will be riding so we do not leave without you.