Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jon's Vermont Report

It was a unusual but great weekend in Vermont in that there were only five of us but all had a great time. Jeff and Alan arrived Thursday with Steve arriving at 6 a.m. Friday to play golf. I arrived with Joe about lunch. Joe went to lunch while Jeff and I rode. We got lost and rode on 10 miles of unpaved road only to find help from a couple from Great Neck. Paul came up from Princeton about 11 p.m. on Friday.

We all went to dinner at the Sirloin Saloon on Friday - we were shocked to see it so empty. I guess the economy is taking its toll.

Saturday was the normal ride. Lynn and Tony rode with us and they were 'kind'. We bumped in a few of their friends so we had a hard but leisurely ride. Jeff is back to his old form, he is riding terriffic. I am mu usual slowness up hills but I did feel strong. Paul is riding very well. Joe rode a bit short given that he hasn't put on many miles but rode strong on Saturday and Sunday. Alan rode short Saturday and went to a wedding in NYC Saturday eve.

Saturday night instead of going out we bar-be-que'd, steak and salmon. With wines selected by Joe. Hats off to Jeff, Steve and Joe for cooking.

Sunday, Joe, Paul and I rode and when we got back went out for breakfast. We then cleaned the house and went off in different directions (with Steve and Jeff stopping off to play golf).

A successful and fun weekend. Once again we thank Steve for opening up his house. For all those who did not come, we missed you.

Love to all the NSW

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My excuse

I missed today's ride. I was in that triathlon JeffK avoided. Moore's Hill road seems to be getting flatter? I will likely ride next Sunday rather than do the Long Beach one mile swim.

Todays News from JeffK


Was at Wheatley this morning at 7:30 AM and waited 20 minutes until 7:50 but no one showed up.

Bob and Ori: Wish you were there! I had a young man, 25 from the Czech Republic who works at our Golf Club for the summer. He just bought a new Specialized Roubaix.

We did the White Church to Bayville, the Bayville Loop, dodged the Oyster Bay Triathlon, Moore's, Campus the long way and then Beacon Hill!

Two short stops at the Bayville Bridge and end of the Campus. 59 miles and we were home by 11:15.

To those of you who went to Vermont, hope you a great riding!

See everyone next Sunday.


Opening Post

North Shore Wheelmen NorthShoreWheelmen Northshore Wheelmen North Shore Wheelmen
I have taken the initiative and set up this blog so that all the NSW and those who are soon to be North Shore Wheelmen can have an online home. North Shore wheelmen Northshore Wheelmen Northshorewheelmen NorthShoreWheelmen North Shore Wheelmen
For those of you not familiar with the North Shore Wheelmen, we are a cycling group that has been around for longer than I know. I am really just a newbie here.

The important facts are that we ride from the brick medical building on the west side of Lakeville Road just before Northern Blvd at 7:00 am on Sunday mornings with a secondary meeting place at 7:30 am at Wheatly Road and the south LIE Service Road.

I have been warned that this undertaking may be dangerous.
Also I am making it possible for any of us to be "authors" of this blog not just commenters. Just give me some time to set it up.

Also to all NSW, please accept this blog in the spirit that it was created in. In no way am I trying to usurp anyone else's role in keep this ragtag group of cyclist together. Lets see if this blog has any value to us.