Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24 update

I was at Wheatley at 8:25.  Waiting for me was Alan and Harold.
Joe arrived at about 8:30.
The four of us waited until about 8:40.  We watched the Triangle group go by.  When no else showed up we took off.
Joe turned back early; Harold went on the Snake Hill;  Alan and I did Stillwell and back.
Personally, my chain was skipping and then jumped off at the top of Stillwell - similar to what happened to Andy Schleck albeit not as steep!
Bike is now with Bob.  Rear Derailleur is mangled and the right rear drop out is bent.
Guess that happened when I nearly fell when the chain jumped off.
Hope to have the bike back end of this week to ride next Sunday.

Sunday 10/24 What happened to all the summer blogging?

With no Wheelmen or Wheelwomen in sight at 8AM , I took off to catch the triangle express. I passed Wheatly just before 8:30 but was rushed for time and did not stop. I turned around at Woodbury rd for a quick 28 mile ride. The triangle guys did not catch me untill Woodbury Rd.

8:00am again next week.  Isaac

Oh, I was lazy about blogging.