Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Wheel Table, Really

Looking at the design of this it looks like four training wheels for the legs, a seat post quick release to adjust the table height, and a glass over the wheel.   

Cold Sundays

Yes we have had some cold Sundays.  Below 35F and I am not riding, usually.
This Sunday, Christmas Day, it may be moderate but I have to admit that I am preparing for the ING Miami Half Marathon on January 29.  I may be running mostly till then.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday 12/4

I arrived at Wheatley and the south service road just a few minutes before 8:30.

Isaac was already there.
Temperature was about 41 degrees and overcast, but no wind.
About 3/4 minutes later Bob his friend Scott and Harold arrived.
I take one look at both Bob and Scott and decide to ride with Harold!
Good thing I did as Isaac emailed that he stayed with them for about 10 miles and then got dropped!
Harold and I went to the switch back, Campus the short way and home.
39 miles, home by 11:15 (no stop at Syosset Bagel) with temperature at 48 degrees.
Of course by noon, the sun was out and it was 52.
Harold has to work the next two Sundays and is not riding, but weather permitting I plan to be riding.
Hope to see everyone next Sunday.
For the High Council,

Isaac's Post

Jeff had it right. I should have stayed with Jeff and Harold. 

I lost Bob and Scott on Old Country Road by West Hills. I did make contact with them again right before Snake Hill Road only to lose them again in Huntington. I continued to Woodbury Road, Stillwell, the Bumpy, and home by Wheatley.

It was in the upper forties.  The forecast had clear skies but clouds kept things chilly.  I was wearing a windbreaker though and was very hot.  I removed it and after a couple of miles of freezing untill all the sweat evaporated off of my body, I was finally comfortable.  But when I was hot and sweaty my toes were toasty.  Once I took off my windbreaker my toes froze up. I need toe warmers!

Total miles 41.  I only started at Weatley. I overslept.