Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor day weekend, Sunday and Monday rides

A nice group of Wheelmen and Wheel-lady rode this past Labor day Sunday.  We had JeffB, Jayne, Isaac, JeffK, Joe, Amos, and Herb at the Wheatley gathering point.  JeffB, Jayne, and Isaac went long while the others went short.
I was able to convince the high council that we should embark on a ride to West Hills followed by a climb of Lawrence Hill before we when to Snake Hill.  I feel that why go to Snake Hill the easy way.
We continued through Huntington Harbor then up Woodbury Road to the deli. Switchback, Bumpy(new paved - smooth), campus and home for a 58 mile ride.

As for Monday
The only other rider I could find was Ori. Usually he rides with the Renegades but we were both left without compatriots.
We started at Ori's house and took a great route that stayed on the north of Northern Blvd through Port Washington and the Sands Point.  Shortly after Sands Point  Ori broke a shifter cable.  I commend him on riding back to his house to swap bikes in his small chainring and 12 cog the whole way. He only had to walk up one hill in Great Neck.
After the swap Ori suggested a service road ride to Woodbury road and back. I was game. We met a cyclist who had an Ironman MDot tattoo on her leg. A very strong rider. She was a little down on the fact that she had been impulsive when she got the tattoo and somewhat regretted it.  I told her it was cute and she should be proud of it. Imagine me flirting?

Total about 50 miles.  

What happened to August?

The consensus among the Wheelmen was that August was a literal washout. Three Sundays were rainy and one Sunday I was off doing a one mile swim race so I don't even know what went on.
On to September.