Sunday, May 29, 2011

5/29/11 Wheelmen ride again

We were a Peloton today!

Isaac, Harold, Amos, Jeff, Jane and myself.
We were also joined by Big and Little Paul.  But, Big Paul said to continue without them.
As planned the fastest slowed down a bit and the weakest picked up the pace and we rode as a group!
Out to Woodbury Road, then up Stillwell, right on Laurel Lane into Syosset.  After a short break at the Syosset Deli the bumpy to the Campus the long way.
43 miles and back home before 11 AM.
What a great ride and we beat the heat!
NEXT SUNDAY:  NEW STARTING TIME - 30 minutes earlier:  7 AM Lakeville and Northern;  7:30 Weatley and the service road.
Remember it is OK to be 5 minutes early.
As reported by JeffK