Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday 11/27

Well we were SIX: 

JeffB:  Welcome back from Israel.  Jeff had some inspiring stories to tell - and few jokes as well!
Amos:  Grew up and went from one wheel to two wheels and we suspect doubled his fun!
Joe:  Finally got a day off and did the ride!  Great to have him back.
Alan:  Gave up tennis, golf and three other activities and did the entire ride as well - no turning back early!
Harold:  Those spinning classes really show on the road - he attacked every hill!
Instead of going to the corset shop, we went to the white church, the S turns to the wall.  Right up Cleft to West Shore Road, through Oyster Bay and then up Sandy Hill.
Breakfast at the Bagel Shop in Syosset, (JeffB treated!) long way through the Campus and home.
45 miles!
At the start of the ride, it was in the high 30's low 40's but at the end it was already in the 50's.
However, the forecast for this weekend is for once again in the high 30's low 40's at 7:30 AM, partly cloudy, but warming up only to the mid 40's.
Accordingly, the High Council has decided to change the start time: 
We will be starting 30 minutes later:
8 AM at Lakeville and Northern and 8:30 at Wheatley and the Service Road.
See everyone on Sunday.
For the High Council:

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